Carroll's Books

Tune To Win

Carroll tells you all you need to know about vehicle dynamics with easy-to-find chapters and lots of helpful illustrations.

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"The racing car is an inanimate object; therefore it must, eventually, respond to reason."

"The racing car exists only to allow one man to negotiate a certain fixed distance in less time than any other combination of man and machine present that day. Whether the distance happens to be 440 yards of a drag strip, 200 laps of Indianapolis, 14 laps of the Nurburgring or 1000 miles of Baja landscape is immaterial."
—Carroll (Chapter 1)

Drive To Win

After years of working with some of the greatest drivers in the world, Carroll explains how the best use their car to greater effect than the rest.

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"80% of success at motor racing is knowing how to go motor racing properly."
—Steve Millen

"Motor racing has had its fair share of shooting stars—drivers who burst on the scene, shone brightly for a brief time, and then, for various reasons, disappeared. Those who lasted&mdashthe great multi-champions—have been, almost without exception, astute and serious students of the game."
—Carroll (Conclusion)

Prepare To Win

Professor Smith's first paperback hit (with over 100,000 copies sold) has become the mechanic's and engineer's bible.

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"We're all a bunch of mugs! We work twenty-four hours a day, don't eat; we don't sleep and we spend all of our money just so we can go out again next Sunday and break the damned car."
—Horst Kwech, circa 1970

"...More relevant, perhaps, is his experience in getting people out of shit. All that he seems to require is the same desire to win on the part of the driver and the mechanics (if any) as he has himself. To say that his desire is single minded would be a gross understatement. It is fantastic."
—Jon Woodner (Foreward)

Engineer To Win

In his highly acclaimed guide-book, Carroll explains all the auto racer needs to know about materials technology—what to use and how to use it so it won't break.

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"Parts DO break, and that's that. Parts will ALWAYS break, and that's that. Parts do not have to break or fall off, and Carroll shows us the 'hows,' and the 'whys.'"
—Tim Fortner

"Murphy was actually an early aviator. He could have easily been a racer, the two species are very similar in nature and outlook. The rest of Murphy's real laws are variations on the same theme, which leads us to Smith's second law of motor racing: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MATERIAL FAILURE—ALL FAILURES ARE HUMAN IN ORIGIN."
—Carroll (Chapter 1)

Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook

THE comprehensive text explaining what nuts, bolts, and fasteners to use, and for what purpose, when building and plumbing a race car.

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Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook - Cover Image

"After months of preparation, practice and planning, the season's race championship can rely on just one fastener doing its job. If that fastener shears or loosens, the whole race can be lost—not to mention valuable machinery and perhaps even lives."

"Failure does not have to happen. If the persons responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the equipment had done their job properly, it could have not happened. If the persons responsible for maintenance had read—and understood—this book, it probably would not have."
—Carroll (Preface)

Carroll Smith's Engineer In Your Pocket

Once your team has read the rest, this laminated pocket book is a great summary for every racing engineer to have at the track.

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"Your race car should be easier and more pleasant to drive than your street car. If it isn't, someone is doing something wrong."

"If you are going to use Nitrogen in your tires (and you should), evacuate the tires first with a vacuum cleaner (DRIVE TO WIN, pp 2-12). Leave the vacuum cleaner hooked up for at least five minutes."
—Carroll (Preface)

Complete Set of Carroll's Books

The cheapest way to the championship...

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Tune to Win -
Chassis fundamentals

Drive to Win -
Racing fundamentals

Prepare to Win -
Prep your car for speed and reliability

Engineer to Win -
Solve your racing problems the right way

Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, and Plumbing Handbook -
the right bits needed, and why

Engineer in Your Pocket -
the quick reference for debriefs